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When Your Words at Work Aren’t Working

We’ve all been there! Try as you might, your words at work just aren’t working. You’re passed over for the promotion. Your peers don’t listen to your suggestions. Your clients act as though your opinion doesn’t matter. Join us for this free 1- hour webinar to learn a technique that can turn it all around for you. First introduced at the American Marketing Association’s annual conference in 2013, this strategy could transform your frustration into fulfillment.

Training Programs

We provide hand-tailored programs to meet the learning goals, time frame, and financial resources for professional organizations, nonprofits, corporate work groups and small businesses onsite or via webinar. We also offer online courses for individuals.

Using Your Words to Increase Your Worth

Your words tell the world how to treat you, what you think of yourself, and where you’re going. Discover the power of your words, learn to recognize self-defeating language, jettison damaging habits and start listening to the most important voice you’ll ever hear. 

This program is for those who know they do good work, want to excel and are ready to get intentional about their language.

Effective Communication for Women in Business

Too often, women unconsciously undermine their own interests with language that masks their abilities, goals and ambitions. Using a hearty dose of humor and a handy ten commandments guide, this training delivers pragmatic insights and actionable strategies that might just change the way the women (and men) in your organization do business.

This program is perfect for emerging leaders, those who have recently taken on new management roles, and those who are curious about making more intentional communication choices. Consider a capsule training as a lunch and learn webinar or bring your whole Employee Resource Group together for a deep dive.

The Language of Leadership

Everyone can be a leader. You don’t need an executive title, a plush office, or a staff of direct reports. Through this program, you will discover your own leadership style, examine the environment in which you work, and connect the two in crafting your own personal, super-charged language of leadership plan to show up every day ready to do your part to improve the world around you. (Online program for individuals coming Fall 2019.)

Wherever you are in your leadership journey, this course will help you level up your performance. A great option for conferences, internal leadership development programs and more.


Don’t just take it from us, let our trainees do the talking!

I like your voice and your content is solid, accessible, relevant and timely. The commandments forced me to acknowledge some less-than-ideal communication habits of my own. Consider my awareness cranked up.”

Laura Scully

Chief Communications Officer, Transamerica Life and Protection

“Amber was my favorite presenter. She offered so much practical advice and insight and she just blew me away!!”


2014 Annual Event, NASSM

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