Whether you manage a department at a global corporation, run your own business or lead a nonprofit organization, the fundamentals of our work are the same: targeted marketing, clear communications and effective strategies. Some of our most compelling collaborations include serving as ad-hoc consultants on global teams, providing complete marketing communications services to small and mid-sized companies and guiding nonprofits to implement customized marketing communication practices across their organizations. How can we help you?


Marketing 101

We help small businesses, new business owners and non-profits find success by guiding them through the process of identifying the pillars of marketing: audience, offering, ask, brand, and goals. This intensive process includes a draft marketing plan. Often, we support or implement the resulting plan, depending on client needs and resources. 

Marketing Consultation

You have a product or service and you need to find your audience and connect with them. We work with all kinds of clients to locate and influence their audience’s beliefs and behaviors. Call us in for a quick consultant or bring us on board for the duration of a campaign. 

Market Research

When you need to know what your audience really thinks, we offer customer insights and user experience research. 

Marketing with Lingo Consulting, Inc.


Communications with Lingo Consulting, Inc.

Content Creation

We can craft nearly any customer-facing document from blogs to ad copy to fundraising asks to speeches to new product roll-out announcements and social media posts. We collaborate with you to deliver the right content to the right channels and are available to develop content for a single project or be your virtual staff writers for the duration of a campaign.


When you know what you need to say – or think you do – but the words just aren’t working, we can help. We review, revise and draft all kinds of materials for our clients. Send over that press release, the latest menu or the label for your new product. We can be your fresh pair of eyes and craft language that works. We offer hourly and per-project options to suit your needs.


Messaging is a tried and true way to introduce your business to new audiences, affirm your value to current audiences and remind your internal players what the goals are. We can help you define your key messages and establish language that resonates with your audiences.  Most clients opt for a set of three key messages with supporting language. All messaging projects are designed to work within your budget and meet your specific needs.  Please contact us for a customized proposal.


Strategic Consultation

Need a collaborator in dreaming up the ultimate strategic plan? Our pragmatic problem solving merges with broad experience and deep expertise to provide excellent outcomes. Whether you want a few hours of brainstorming or an intense review of your current or proposed marketing communications strategy, we’re here to help!

Strategic Plans

We build customized, full-scale strategic marketing communication plans for our clients that include budgets, timelines and accountable parties. It’s the ultimate deliverable – especially when we can help with the creation of materials and the implementation of the strategy. All plans are customized for your priorities, budgets and resources.

Social Media Strategy

You know you’re supposed to be on social media but how do you manage all the platforms and possibilities?  Invest in your own social media editorial calendar. We build a customized calendar founded on your real-life business that engages current and potential customers to support your overall strategy. You’ll never wonder again what to post on Tuesday, when to Tweet or what you should be writing that next blog about. This practical tool is a favorite with our nonprofit and small business clients who use it to schedule content creation and posting so they can focus elsewhere. 

Strategy with Lingo Consulting, Inc.