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I’m Amber Nelson, the ringleader here at The Lingo Institute. I’ve been happily building this language and leadership company since 1997.  My team and I are  dedicated to helping our clients build a strong communications foundation to increase their reach, maximize their impact, and meet their business goals.

My favorite part of this work is helping people find their words. I believe, to the core of my being, that words matter. What we say and how we say it defines who we are and can lead us to who we want to be. It’s the connection between language and leadership that inspires me every day. Watching my clients (both organizations and individuals) find their authentic leadership style and discover the right words to convey that power  is a huge incentive for me to keep doing what I do.

Occasionally, I take on projects simply because they move me, inspire me, or present intriguing opportunities. Some of my more interesting adventures have included hanging out with truckers and Harley Davidson dudes to understand how they talk about their toolboxes,  co-facilitating an executive women’s leadership institute over several months, teaching workshops on effective communications to a ballroom full of financial service professionals, and founding TEDxPasadenaWomen.

I’m always looking for the next challenge, whether it’s trying a new hiking trail, embarking on a collaborative venture with another company, or helping our clients pave the way to their future. Whatever the task at hand, my team uses everything in our evolving laguage and leadership tool box to help our clients understand their audiences and what motivates them, clarify what needs to be communicated and identify the best way to serve up that message for maximum impact.

Clients of The Lingo Institute are international companies, small business owners, professional groups, executives and individuals who know that the right words can change the world. If you’re one of our kind, let’s talk!

The Lingo-ist

Here are a few of Amber's recent blogs for The Lingo-ist

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Familiar with imposter syndrome? It’s the sense that you’re a fraud and that your inadequacies will be discovered any minute. Next thing you know, you’ll be shunned in public, lose your job and never recover from the shame of being found a sham. There’s plenty of...

Don’t Waste One More Meeting!

Yep, it’s true, every week Americans spend an outrageous number of hours in meetings or preparing for them. Though you can’t likely cancel all the meetings on your calendar that promise boredom or frustration, you don’t have to consider all that time a waste. With a...

Want a Raise? Revise Your Words.

When you’re looking for a raise, recognition, or a little more respect, revising your words is a great place to start. The fact is, you may be an expert accountant, a brilliant programmer, or an accomplished researcher but if you don’t tell others about the impact of...

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