“With the right words you can change the world.”

— Charlotte, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

— Albert Einstein

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

— James Humes

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.”

— Lee Iacocca


The Business of Language

The Language of Business


Whether you’re an executive, a new manager, or starting your first “real” job, finding the right words can be tricky. Language and leadership coaching can help you make your case, lead your team, and more effectively do your job.


We work with businesses, internal teams, entreprenuers, and nonprofits to eliminate the obstacles to effective communication and replace them with powerful language and leadership practices.


Whether we’re delivering a custom training program or a keynote address, our approach is accessible, pragmatic, and often humorous. We’ll make sure your audience is inspired and ready to take action.


Whether we’re delivering a custom training program or a keynote address, our approach is accessible, pragmatic, and often humorous. We’ll make sure your audience is inspired and ready to take action.

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Thanks for checking us out! I’m Amber Nelson, the ringleader here at The Lingo Institute. I’ve been happily building this language and leadership company since 1997.  My team and I are  dedicated to helping our clients build a strong communication foundation to increase their reach, maximize their impact, and meet their business goals. 

My favorite part of this work is helping people find their words. I believe, unequivocally, that words matter. What we say and how we say it defines who we are and can lead us to who we want to be. It’s the connection between language and leadership that inspires me every day. 


The Lingo-ist Blog

Amber shares communication insights and inspirations in her blog, The Lingo-ist.

Are You Planning for Success?

Whether you’re planning your summer vacation or the launch of a new product, defining success should be one of the very first items on your “to do” list. While the SMART goals strategy can be helpful in terms of identifying objectives that are Specific, Measurable,...

When You Can’t Find the Words

There is no shortage of situations in which our words fail us. A surprise visit from relatives. An on-the-spot request for information at a staff meeting. A sudden delivery of bad news. Sometimes you just can’t find the words to respond in an appropriate fashion that...

The Power of the Pause

As the summer begins to unfold and you dream of lazy days by the pool, consider how an intentional pause might improve your conversations at work and in the world. In the same way a weekend getaway can refresh your perspective or adjust your attitude, a meaningful...

Aren’t You Curious?

So many of our interactions at work and in the world are rote. From the mechanical “How are you?” to the way we glaze over as the weekly sales goals are reviewed every Friday, many of us have lost our sense of curiosity about one another and the work...

How Leaders Set Boundaries That Stick

Boundaries can be tricky territory in any arena, and leadership is no exception. As an employee, you can use straight-forward boundaries to teach others how frequently you’ll work afterhours or whether you’ll be answering emails over the weekend. As a leader, however,...

When You’re Leading But They’re Not Following

As a leader of teams, families, corporations, and nonprofits, you may be doing all the “right” things, using all the “right” words and find that those you lead simply aren’t following. They seem to be disengaged, working just hard enough, or even actively moving in a...

What to Say When Confronted With Rudeness

When my son was little he’d occasionally push the boundaries of politeness with an abrasive comment or overbearing question. Most of the time my response was a fairly even-handed, “Would you like to try that again?” My intent was to point out the unacceptable behavior...

How to Use Your Words to Fight Imposter Syndrome

Familiar with imposter syndrome? It’s the sense that you’re a fraud and that your inadequacies will be discovered any minute. Next thing you know, you’ll be shunned in public, lose your job and never recover from the shame of being found a sham. There’s plenty of...

Don’t Waste One More Meeting!

Yep, it’s true, every week Americans spend an outrageous number of hours in meetings or preparing for them. Though you can’t likely cancel all the meetings on your calendar that promise boredom or frustration, you don’t have to consider all that time a waste. With a...

Want a Raise? Revise Your Words.

When you’re looking for a raise, recognition, or a little more respect, revising your words is a great place to start. The fact is, you may be an expert accountant, a brilliant programmer, or an accomplished researcher but if you don’t tell others about the impact of...

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